Leon Peshkin Ph.D.

Lecturer on Systems Biology
Leon Peshkin Ph.D.
Peshkin is a co-investigator with Prof. Marc Kirschner on two projects funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development: "Systems Analysis of cell type differentiation in Xenopus development" and "Proteomics of Cell Signaling in Embryogenesis". 
Peshkin's research interests include embryologyevolution and agingHe is particularly excited about informing experimental design by the Bayesian analysis framework.
Peshkin's research in systems biology was covered in press releases from HMS [1][2][3]. Leon's research on applications of Artificial Intelligence to biology of aging has been highlighted in an interview with the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation [4].
Education: Peshkin received his M.S. in Applied Mathematics from the Weizmann Institute of Science. He moved to the US to study at the Brown University towards PhD in Artificial Intelligence. He followed his PhD advisor Prof. Leslie Kaelbling to MIT AI lab where he worked on his dissertation “Reinforcement Learning via Policy Search”. 
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