Victor Li Ph.D.


I am working at the intersection of the cell cycle, reprogramming, and stem cell differentiation fields.  These fields have traditionally been studied independently, but people now find they are highly related, as evidenced by a recent special session at the ASCB annual meeting (which I chaired).  There are many unanswered big questions in this area (such as how embryonic differentiation is organized and how cells change identity) and practical applications related to regenerative medicine and cancer.  To define the properties of stem cells and identify the role of cell cycle processes in embryonic differentiation, I have used stem cells as a model system in addition to modern systems biology approaches.

Selected publications:

  1. Victor C. Li, Andrea Ballabeni, and Marc W. Kirschner.  Gap 1 phase length and mouse embryonic stem cell self-renewal.  P.N.A.S. 2012 Jul, 109(31):12550-5.
  2. Victor C. Li and Marc W. Kirschner.  Molecular ties between the cell cycle and differentiation embryonic stem cells.  P.N.A.S. 2014 Jul, 111(26):9503-8.

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